29/8/24 Summer Noise. L'Étoile Studio, Bristol.
Tickets and donation info.

2-4/8/24 Supernormal festival. Trio with Mark Sanders and Rachel Musson.

25/7/24 Duo with Matthew Grigg + John Sinton and Dominic Lash + quartet. L'Étoile Studio, Bristol.

3/6/24 Duo with Rachel Musson, + Matthew Grigg/Robin Foster/Luigi Marino + Evo Ethel. Cafe Kino, Bristol.

4/6/24 Duo with Matthew Grigg + Burkhard Beins and Luigi Marino + quartet. L'Étoile Studio, Bristol.

3/5/24 Trio with Matthew Grigg and Dali de Saint Paul + Trio Sowari + sextet. Cafe Kino, Bristol.

2/3/24 Trio with Dave Birchal and Luigi Marino. The Cube, Bristol.

28/1/24 Martin Davison Memorial Concert, Cafe Oto and The Vortex, London. LIO and quartet with Phil Minton, Kay Grant and Caroline Kraabel.


21/12/23 Quartet with Phil Minton, Audrey Chen, Luigi Marino; and Phil's Feral Choir. Cafe Oto, London.

22/11/23 Trumpet solo. L'Étoile Studio, Bristol.

7/8/23 with Taku Unami and Masahiko Okura, three solos + trio. Nakano Zero Audio Visual Hall, Tokyo, Japan.

25.7.23 Duo with Joel Stern. Make It Up Club, Melbourne, Aus.

3.7.23 SWIG. Cafe Kino, Bristol.

21.6.23 Trio with Phil Minton and Luigi Marino + Michael Thieke quartet. Shift, Cardiff.

17.4.23. Quartet with Phil Minton, Audrey Chen, Henrik Nørstebø. Cafe Kino, Bristol.

5.3.23 Trio with Phil Minton and Luigi Marino. Friendly Records, Bristol.


21.12.22 Duo with Phil MInton. Voice/trumpet. Cafe Kino, Bristol.

1.12.22 Somerset Film 25th Anniversary, Bridgwater, EM solo.

8.10.22 RAW festival Highbridge, Somerset. EM solo.

25.6.22 Duo with Matthew Grigg, Cube Cinema, Bristol.

6.4.22 Duo with Matthew Grigg, Strange Brew, Bristol.

13.4.22 CD launch for Nodosus - John Butcher, Angharad Davies, Dominic Lash, Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, Matt Davis. Iklektik, London.


25.6.20 - Electromagnetic solo for Iklectik, London. Live stream.

26.2.20 - mattdaviEsmattdavi_s. Duo with Matt Davies. The Sound Cupboard, Bristol.

8.2.20 - trumpet solo. Cafe Kino, Bristol.


7.11.19 - Dominic Lash - bass solo, Melanie Clifford - film/sound, Constanza Brncic + Matt Davis - dance + electromagnetics. St Paul’s Crypt, Southville, Bristol.

17.10.19 - Matt Davis / Matthew Grigg. Cafe Kino, Bristol, UK

29.9.19 - Mark Wastell / Matt Davis / Luigi Marino. Iklectik, London.

1.9.19 - Foam. Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, group show.

31.7.19 - Electromagnetic solo. The Sound Cupboard, Bristol.

15.3.19 - Bertrand Denzler / Dominic Lash (duo), Matt Davis (solo), Seth Cooke (solo). Cafe Kino, Bristol.


14.11.18 - Maria Chavez / Bluff / Bell Lungs. BEEF, Brunswick Club, Bristol.

18.5.18 - w/ Matthew Grigg, Dom Lash. Cafe Kino.

31.3.18 - Matt Davis / Matthew Grigg. Salt Cafe, Bristol, UK

1.4.18 - Everyone is Very Happy and Not Confused. Hamilton House, Bristol, group show.



25.11.17 - The Seen, Hundred Years Gallery, London.

20.10.17 - The Seen. Xposed Club, Cheltenham.

12.10.17 - Consorts West (Matt Davis, MG, Tim Hill, Dominic Lash, Nick Malcolm, Helen Papaioannou) – 12th October. St Paul’s, Bristol UK.

7.10.17 - Matt Davis / MG / Dominic Lash + Jason Kahn / Christian Wolfarth. Cafe Kino, Bristol UK.

29.8.17 - Matt Davis / Dominic Lash / Hannah Marshall + Rebecca Sneddon / Matthew Grigg. House concert.

30.7.17 - Matt Davis + Burkhard Beins: electro-magnetics and live electronics. West Germany venue, Berlin.

28-30.7.17 - NNOI FESTIVAL. Brandenberg, Germany.

21.07.17 - BEEF & non-identical present: BURKHARD BEINS,  MATT DAVIS and STEPHEN CORNFORD

30.06.17 - BAD TRACKING, HOWARD JACQUES (frame + floor percussion) + MATT DAVIS (trumpet + preparations), TONE ARM, COPPER SOUNDS. BEEF, The Brunswick Club, Bristol, United Kingdom

24.06.17 - Sunrise Sun Ra Day, The Cube, Bristol.


17.12.16 - Hundred Years Gallery. Butcher, Lash, Davis + Davies, Lazaridou-Chatzigoga + BLDDL-C.

24.09.16 - A five hour presentation from Confront Recordings to celebrate the labels twentieth anniversary. Solo. Hundred Years Gallery, London.

16.07.16 - The Exchange, Princes St, Penzance. Daniel Bennett, Seth Cooke, Emlow.

20-21.04.16 New perspectives Theatre. with Dominic Lash and Angharad Davies.

15.02.16 Barcelona. Nuno Rebello, Tom Chant, Matt Davis.


30.10.15 Barcelona. Matt Davis, Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, Ferran Fages, Constanza Brncic

28.10.15 Barcelona. Nuno Rebello, Tom Chant, Matt Davis

27.10.15 Barcelona. Nuno Rebello, Constanza Brncic, Matt Davis



27.09.15 - HUNDRED YEARS GALLEY, London. Angharad Davies / Matt Davis / Douglas Benford / Phil Durrant.


26.05.15 - Matt Davis - trumpeta, Tom Chant - saxos, Ferran Fages - guitarra acustica? Lali Barriere - objectos amplificados? Nuria Andorra - percussion, Angel Faraldo - no input mixer.
27.05.15 - Nuno Rebello - guitar, Matt Davis - trumpeta, Tom Chant - saxos.
30.05.15 - Jose Vincente Espinosa Paredes - vibes, Matt Davis - trompeta, Tom Chant - saxos



19.12.14 - EMLOW. Paul Church, Nr. Penzance, Cornwall

20th April to 20th June - Totems and Surface Plots - An exhibition of photographic pieces by Matt Davis. 105 Kenwyn St, Truro TR1 3BX.

25.6.14 - Angharad Davies + Emlow at CAZ. CAZ project space, The Basement, The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance, Cornwall.

16.4.14 - Eddie Prevost - percussion, Matt Davis - trumpet + Jennifer Allum - violin, Seymour Wright - saxophone, Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga - zither. Recital Room, Goldsmiths University of London.

7.2.14 - 'Under the Influence' at CAST. EMLOW + electromagnetics solo.


21st September - Suspended Sentences. Turners Warehouse, the Coombe, Newlyn, TR18 5HS

Sat 31st August - MEANTIME GALLERY, Cheltenham. electromagnetics solo

5th September - ISA talk, St Gluvias Church Hall, Penryn. ISA

19th-28th July 2013 - Penryn Arts Festival.

Friday/Saturday 7th/8th June 2013

CAZ Resound

Resound is an annual exploration of the sonic arts initiated and managed by SVA ( and CAZ. The festival showcases a diverse range of exciting & innovative regional/national/international sound and performance art from established and emergent artists and was hosted by the Acorn theatre in Penzance.

Friday 24 May - Resound presents as part of the SVA Site Festval:

Anvil & Stirrup, Robert Curvengen, and Matt Davis.

17th – Saturday 20th April - OPEN PROVOCATION FESTIVAL

Polruan Village Hall, Cornwall, PL23 1PF.

31st March - Miss Havisham presents......freely improvised and notated music at Old Cholmeley Boys Club. With Alan Tomlinson - trombone, Ute Kanngiesser - cello, Tania Chen - piano & objects, David Ryan - clarinets, Terry Day - bamboo pipes, Matt Davis - trumpet. 68 Boleyn Road, Dalston, London N16 8JG.

2nd April - With John Butcher and Dominic Lash. Arch1, London E16.

Warsaw, Poland

20th Feb Eufemia. With Ksawery Wojcinski (bass) + Gamid Ibadullajev (perc).

21st Feb Galeria Praca. Electromagnetics.

22nd Feb Centre for Contemporary Arts Zamek Ujazdowski. Solo.

19th January - with Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, Angharad Davies, Phil Durrant. Goldsmiths College, London, 7pm.


2nd December - duo with Phil Minton + Federico Reuben, Dominick Allen, Rob Gawthrop.

7pm - Zed Shed, Penryn.

24th November - SVA (Stroud), with Douglas Benford and an installation by Rob Ollins.

7th July - solo/trio with Rob Gawthrop and Dominick Allen. As part of ‘Square Eyes - Bologna': the launch of the 'Resource' artist led archive, and artist videos at ‘Square Eyes - Bologna’: a screening of artists’ videos selected by Carol Sabbadini Duran from Bologna, Italy and CAZ of Work by South West based artists. CAZ project space. All day gig 6pm.

13th July - duo with Rhodri Davies (harp/trumpet); Morden Tower, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

14th July - hauskonzert,solo electromagnetics/light bulbs/fly catcher. + mystery act (richard dawson and sarah sullivan)

25th March - solo at Polruan village hall, Cornwall - plus Robert Curgenven and Pimmon (aka Paul Gough) solos.

22nd March - MaerzMusik 2012, Berghain, Berlin - with Zeitkratzer, playing with COLUMN ONE and a new piece by Elliott Sharp.

15th March - School of Noises, Jacobs Ladder, Falmouth, Cornwall - duo with Rob Gawthrop.

18th Feb - Cafe Oto, London, with Alfredo Costa Monteiro + Jason Khan solo.

2nd Feb - CAZ Exchange Gallery Basement, Penzance, with Jason Khan and Robert Curgenven, three solos and a trio.


26th November - with Zeitkratzer, Darmstadt Deutsche Ensemble Akademie, playing ‘Xenakis Alive’ by Reinhold Friedl.

15th October - with Zeitkratzer, Rome and Reggio Emilia, playing ‘Metal Machine Music’.

5th October, Burrell Theatre, Truro, with Stella Squadroni - “Paper cages, mother” (dance).

1st October - School of Noises at Jacobs Ladder, Falmouth. with Roger Mills - processed trumpet and field recordings, Robert Curgenven - turntables & dubplates + Rob Gawthrop – percussion, strings & things

10th September - with Lee Patterson, Angahard Davies and Patrick Farmer. Part of the ‘Fold’ project by Lee Patterson, in Kings Wood, Ashford, Kent.

12th August - Exchange Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall. As part of the ‘Urban Silence’ exhibition. Solo, + Robert Curgenven solo.

6-7th August - Holifair festival, Gweek, Cornwall. With School of Noises.

21st July - School of Noises at Jacobs Ladder, Falmouth. Solo + Oliver Scott + Philip Reeder.

4th May - with Angharad Davies, The Poly, Falmouth.

10th April - Teatro Forte, Csoa, Forte Prenestino, Rome, ‘Paper Cages, Mother!’ with Stella Squadroni (dance/choreography/direction).

26th March -Resound Falmouth Festival. With Robert Curgenven.

10th March - with Jean-Luc Guionnet - church organ and Robert Curgenven - turntables/dubplates. All Saints church, Falmouth.

8th March - with Jean-Luc Guionnet - sax. Performance Centre, Falmouth University.

5th/6th March - As Alike As Trees Festival. With Ute Kanngiesser and Jennifer Allum


3rd December - duo with Mark Wastell, Cafe Oto, London.

28th October - solo performance of pieces by Wolff, Cage and Chris Burn (amongst others), plus solo improvisation. Zed Shed, Penryn, Cornwall. 7pm.

10th July - ‘fugitve field’, with Stella Squadroni (dance). Zed Shed, Penryn, Cornwall.


3rd October - with Zeitkratzer, pieces by Tenney and Lucier, Luxembourg.

6th June - Zurich, with Zeitkratzer, playing Volksmusik.

26th June - Cafe Oto, with ‘the Seen’.

14th May - Marseille, with Zeitkratzer, playing pieces by Morton Feldman and William Bennet.

7th Feb - Cafe Oto, Compost and Height birthday celebration with Lee Patterson and Ben drew

19th Feb - Cafe Oto, with Mark Wastell, Phil Durrant (synthesizer, laptop), Phil Julian (maschine), Dominic Lash (contrabass), Paul Abbott (electronics).


6th Nov - Cafe Oto with Jezz Riley and others.

12th Nov - Cafe Oto with Patrick Farmer and Angharad Davies

19th Nov - Zaragoza, Spain, with Zeitkratzer.

30th Oct - Rays Jazz Shop, solo.

previous main gigs, events and festivals

2007 LMC festival (London), in duo with Robin Hayward

2007 Safehouse festival, Poole, with Mark Wastell

2007 Freedom of the City, Bechir Saade and Matt Milton

2006 Melbourne Festival, Nottinghamshire, with David Reid, Keith Rowe, Graham Halliwell, Ben Drew, Rhodri Davies and Lee Patterson

2006 LMC festival (London) in a large group Anode/Cathode with Otomo Yoshide

2006 Hastings Field

2006 LMC presents three solos (and a trio) Keith Rowe, Sean Meehan, Matt Davis. October Gallery, London.

2006 ‘De los márgenes’, dance/music performance with La Sospechosa dance company: Constanza Brncic, Carme Torrent, and Oriol Blanch Centre de Creació l´ Animal a l´ Esquena, Celrà, Cataluña, Spain.

2005-6 ‘De los márgenes’, dance/music performance with La Sospechosa dance company: Constanza Brncic, Carme Torrent and Oriol Blanch, at L´Estruch (Sabadell). Premiered at ca l´Estruch, Sabadell, Cataluña, Spain, November 2006.

2004 Ongaku sound 5 trumpet solos: Beckett, Coleman, Davis, Gonzalez, Torres

2004 Field series 2

2003 Japan tour with the group Broken Consort (Rhodri Davies and Mark Wastell)

2003 Field series 1

2002 Fruits de Mhere (France), with I Treni Inerti

2002 Freedom of the City, with Mark Wastell

2002 England tour with Mark Wastell

2002 2:13 Athens

2001 Oro Molido, Madrid

2001 no-signal Fylkingen, Stockholm

2001 Nits de Musics, Fundacion Miro, Barcelona, with I Treni Inerti

2001 Metronom, Barcelona, with Broken Consort, and an installation with Sim Portway.